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Welcome to the inaugural edition of our SunZia Workforce newsletter where each edition will be a celebration of our journey together.

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Next Level Safety

Safety is the presence of defenses

Safety has been a centerpiece of our company since the company’s inception in 2009. Building a robust safety culture is a continual process of learning and refinement. “By planning for errors, Pattern’s safety practices go beyond prevention to proactively anticipate predictable issues, so the team is better prepared to handle them when they arise,” says Ben MacDonald, Pattern Energy’s senior director of health and safety.

Workforce Recognition

We would like to recognize these individuals for going above and beyond with Safety and their efforts on SunZia.

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  • Wind Construction Milestones

    100 turbine foundations completed

    Two main power transformers delivered

    Began construction of gen-tie line and installation of underground collection system

  • Transmission Construction Milestones

    1044 foundations completed

    191 structures installed

    3500 saguaros and 11,100 agave have been relocated

  • HVDC Construction Milestones

    HVDC has hit 365 and 353 days on East and West Sites respectively without a recordable safety incident

    Testing was successful for the first HVDC Chopper Transformer

    HVDC equipment has begun arriving at the project storage warehouse in Texas

Construction Metrics

What it takes to build the largest renewable energy infrastructure in U.S. history.