Futtsu Solar

Futtsu, Chiba

Futtsu Solar is located in Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture, and is one of the largest solar power facilities in the Kanto region. The solar facility is built on a former gravel collection site.

Creating lasting, meaningful relationships is innate to Japanese culture and an essential component of each of our projects. Members of our team often live in the areas where our facilities are operating and engage with landowners, local leaders, and the community.

Futtsu Solar is a prime example of a large solar facility and is often visited by scholars, students, and government officials.

We are committed to protecting the environment and conserving natural resources.

In Japan, environmental impact assessments take multiple years and involve a specialist with expertise in the local environment who is often from the project community.

We believe Japan has tremendous potential for growth in renewable energy.

We continue harmonizing our strengths and collaborating on best practices while respecting traditions and cultural norms.


Pattern Energy

Pattern Energy develops, owns, and operates renewable energy assets in Japan through our Japanese affiliate, Green Power Investment Corporation (GPI). GPI operates independently with its own management team and Board of Directors, and Pattern Energy has representatives on both. GPI collaborates with our business functions and adopts our policies and standards where they align with Japan’s business culture and law.

Green Power Investment Corporation

Toshio Hori, GPI’s founder, is a pioneer of the renewable energy industry in Japan. He helped establish GPI in 2004 and serves as the company’s current chairman. Pattern Energy acquired majority ownership in GPI in 2015 to partake in the Japanese renewable energy market and share our depth of expertise. GPI is headquartered in Tokyo, and has employees across its project sites and facilities.