Tsugaru Wind




Commercial Operation 2020
Facility Megawatt Capacity 122
Owned Megawatts 122
Equipment Manufacturer GE
Equipment Model Mix of 85m and 97m HH, 103m rotor
Power Purchaser Tohoku Electric Power Co.
Revenue Type PPA (FiT)
Contract Tenor 20 year
182 Million

gallons of water conserved


metric tons of CO2 avoided


houses powered

*how we arrived at these numbers

*Offset metrics are based on comparison with region coal fleet emissions when available or average US coal fleet

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The Tsugaru Wind project, located near the coast of the Sea of Japan in Aomori prefecture, has been operational since April 2020. The project extends over 12 km and has a total capacity of 122 MW. It is the first large-scale wind operation on agricultural land in Japan and the largest wind project in the country. The facility is operated under a 20-year power purchase agreement with Tohoku Electric Power Network.


The Tsugaru Wind project has set a fund for promoting agricultural activities and supporting communities, as well as property taxes to support the area. Establishing a renewable energy industry based in the area will breathe new life into the traditional agricultural economy.


Developing the Tsugaru Wind project on farmland allows GPI and Pattern Energy to generate more renewable energy in Japan, while also allowing landowners and the community to continue with agricultural practices. This project shows coexisting of driving renewable energy generation and agricultural activities in the same area through utilizing existing lands and promoting agriculture activities by working with the community and local government through the fund.


The 122 MW Tsugaru Wind project consists of 38 3.2 MW GE wind turbines.