Ohorayama Wind




Commercial Operation 2018
Facility Megawatt Capacity 33
Owned Megawatts 33
Equipment Manufacturer GE
Equipment Model GE 3.0
Equipment Quantity 11
Power Purchaser Shikoku Electric Power Co.
Revenue Type PPA (FiT)
46 Million

gallons of water conserved


metric tons of CO2 avoided


houses powered

*how we arrived at these numbers

*Offset metrics are based on comparison with region coal fleet emissions when available or average US coal fleet

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The Ohorayama Wind Facility was the second wind project that GPI completed in Japan, and the first for Pattern Energy. The facility, with 33MW in total capacity, is located on the southern part of the island of Shikoku in Kochi Prefecture. It reached commercial operation in March 2018 and operates under a 20-year power purchase agreement with Shikoku Electric Power Co.


The Shikoku community is highly supportive of the Ohorayama facility, which brought in approximately 100 construction jobs and utilized local vendors. 8-12 full-time positions are also required to maintain the facility. Landowner and engagement value payments to the community are also providing increased economic stability to the area, which was traditionally known for its lumber. GPI is well-known in the area, thanks to other Kochi facilities like Otsuki.  


Built on a ridgeline in a forest-like area, Ohorayama Wind was specifically built on land currently used for industrial purposes. By combining both renewable wind and lumber, GPI and Pattern Energy are focused on maximizing results while minimizing land use.

The Ohorayama facility also provides renewable energy to the market while addressing the need for power without environmental risks associated with other types of energy.


The 33 MW Ohorayama Wind project consists of eleven 3.0 MW GE wind turbines.