Grand Renewable Wind

Haldimand County, Ontario



Commercial Operation 2014
Facility Megawatt Capacity 149
Owned Megawatts 67
Equipment Manufacturer Siemens
Equipment Model SWT-2.3-101
Equipment Quantity 67
Power Purchaser Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)
Revenue Type PPA
Contract Tenor 2034
257 Million

gallons of water conserved


metric tons of CO2 avoided


houses powered

*how we arrived at these numbers

*Offset metrics are based on comparison with region coal fleet emissions when available or average US coal fleet

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Grand Renewable Wind, located in Haldimand County, Ontario, is a joint venture between Pattern Energy, a subsidiary of Samsung Renewable Energy Inc., and the Six Nations of the Grand River.


Our facility sits on numerous private land parcels. We have worked hard to get to know all the landowners and to act as good neighbors. We pay approximately $4 million a year directly into the local economy. Over 20 years, we will also pay an estimated $23 million in property taxes and contributions to a Community Vibrancy Fund.

The Community Vibrancy Fund supports land stewardship development and construction of recreational facilities, infrastructure, and community service. Specific fund recipients include local libraries, parks, and community halls.

One of our key partners is the Six Nations of the Grand River community. With over 26,000 community stakeholders, the Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation seeks economic opportunities that align with community cultural values to assist in meeting the community’s needs.

Ontario workers have been involved in every aspect of Grand Renewable Wind. Approximately 500 workers were on site during peak construction activity, with 98% of the workforce from Ontario. 12 full-time employees currently operate and maintain the facility.


Grand Renewable Wind generates enough clean energy to power 50,000 Ontario homes. Our CO2 offsets, compared to coal-fired generation, are the equivalent of removing 83,000 cars from the road every year. We also annually conserve enough water to meet the needs of 12,000 Ontarians.

In additional to offsets and conservation, actively supporting wildlife is also critical. We donate to the local wildlife refuge and work with them for the wellbeing of all wildlife around our facility.


The 149 MW facility consists of 67 Siemens 2.3 MW turbines. Grand Renewable Wind commenced commercial operations in 2014.

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