Maximizing generation and empowering our team

Our operations are built on a foundation of respect for our customers, our communities, the land, and our investors. We protect the long-term value of our facilities by working to maximize performance, minimize risk, and lower costs.

The professionals who manage the day-to-day operations of our sites employ engineering, data analytics, and proven technologies to continuously improve the safety, reliability, and productivity of our expanding portfolio. Operations also includes community engagement, land reclamation, and ongoing communication between our facilities. Our work is disciplined, critical, and deeply rewarding.

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Managing our Assets

Our team oversees market operations, contract management, regulatory and public policy, and environmental management. It also closely models and monitors the performance of each facility. The cutting-edge technology in our 24/7 Operations Control Center in Houston puts the world of energy at our team’s fingertips. Consistent with our continuous efforts to improve our operations, we are growing our in-house resources to perform ongoing maintenance at our facilities. Through this effort we can achieve new efficiencies and improve performance safely and responsibly.

We increase our operational capacities by advancing:


  • Best safety practices
  • Equipment optimization and reliability
  • Routine training, including regular safety drills and equipment instruction


  • 24/7 monitoring and fleet management
  • Advanced data analytics and predictive software
  • Proprietary resource and financial modeling




  • Long-term service, maintenance and upgrades of hardware and software
  • Community engagement
  • Commitments to environmental stewardship



World Class Operator

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Becoming a world class operator starts with the people.