A leader in  developing assets in dynamic global energy markets

We have a robust pipeline of more than 10,000 megawatts of wind, solar, and energy storage projects around the world. In addition to developing top-notch facilities, we focus on building lasting relationships with our host communities, suppliers and contractors, and customers. We’ve earned our position as an industry leader by combining creativity, focus, and a scientific approach to discover patterns that unlock important opportunities.

Our team has a wealth of experience in identifying suitable sites, engaging with communities, and expertly navigating the permitting and environmental mitigation processes to build renewable energy facilities that are environmentally sustainable and reliable.

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A Strong Investment Thesis

Behind any successful development platform is an equally successful investment strategy. We have a proven track record with more than 40 projects completed and more than $8 billion in capital raised from more than 40 institutions. The key drivers of our success are strong returns, yield compressions, understandable risks, and managed capital.

whitepaper-investing-in-development.pngInvesting in Development

Renewable energy is an essential part of today’s energy mix and is poised to become the major source of new energy supply in this century.

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Origination to Operations

Through leadership and shared learning between Pattern Energy and Pattern Development, our projects are designed and built for a seamless transition from development to operations, and for long-term successful facility operations.

Origination & Early Development


Identify land
Resource and transmission assessment
Environmental and permitting assessment
Construction and operations cost analysis
Economic analysis

Pre-construction & Financing


Finalize early development phase work streams
Secure permits, leases, and rights of way
Select vendors, manufacturers, and contractors
Optimize site and equipment
Finalize major construction contract negotiations
Complete detailed engineering and site design
Prepare soil testing and surveys
Complete financial model
Secure offtake and revenue arrangement
Execute power purchase and interconnection agreements
Close construction financing



Execute all major construction contracts
Construct balance of plant
Install turbines
Connect to grid
Achieve commercial operation



Drop down process
Third party fairness opinion and legal review
Independent board approval
Sale of facility



Electricity generation
Power and renewable attribute sales
Operations and maintenance
Data analysis feedback and optimization
Ancillary services
Upgrades, re-powering, and preventative monitoring
Landowner and community relations
Environmental stewardship

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