Investing in a sustainable future

At our core, we are an energy company with a mission of transitioning the world to renewable energy. Our portfolio is 100% renewable energy, which means we use the sustainable resources of the wind and the sun to produce electricity, minimizing impacts to our environment.     

But sustainability is not only about the environment. It is also about how – in pursuit of our success – we engage with our local communities, workforce, partners, shareholders, and other stakeholders to grow our business in a manner that improves and strengthens the interrelated systems our company, and the world, depends on. 

As such, we want to share some of our activities in the area of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). We are proud of our many efforts on this front and are committed to continuous improvement of our ESG practices, as well as to developing more transparency in our reporting to you – our investors and stakeholders.

Our business is built around the core values of creative energy and spirit, pride of ownership and follow-through, and a team first attitude, which guide us in creating a safe, high-integrity work environment, applying rigorous analysis to all aspects of our business, and proactively working with our stakeholders to address environmental and community concerns.

As a continual reminder of our commitments, we have three values statements that are signed by our CEO, framed, and hanging in all of our corporate offices and renewable energy facilities operating around the globe.

These emphasize our commitments to protecting our workforce and the public, to respecting the communities and cultures where we develop and operate projects, and to minimizing our environmental impacts.

Statement of Safety & Health Values » 
Statement of Community & Cultural Values » 
Statement of Environmental Values » 

Each values statement has an underlying management system – the Safety Management System, the Community Management System, and the Environmental Management System – that provides a programmatic foundation to meeting our commitments.

Read more below about our ongoing ESG practices and activities. We will continue to increase our disclosure of key metrics related to our ESG performance. In the interim, requests for additional information not currently found on our website, should be directed to

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Supporting our workforce and communities

We believe there is no compromise for a safe workplace, respecting the communities and cultures where we do business leads to better renewable energy projects, and strong labor management practices uphold a healthy organization.

Safety & Health


Safety is our number one priority. We interpret relevant laws and regulations as the bare minimum and strive to achieve or set industry best practices. Our strong safety and health track record is supported by ongoing training and standards. A strong governance structure allows for weekly safety reports across the enterprise along with quarterly and annual reporting to the Board of Directors.

To demonstrate our commitment to increasing disclosure, below are several safety statistics as defined by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.

Safety Metric

2017 Statistic

Lost time incident rate 1 0.3
Total incident rate 2 0.6
Fatalities per thousand employees 0

1 A standard OSHA metric that calculates the number of incidents that result in time away from work

2 A standard OSHA metric that describes the number of recordable incident per 100 full-time employees

Community & Culture


Working with communities and respecting local cultures helps us develop and operate projects that better fit the needs of the communities that host them. Through engaging local stakeholders, addressing and incorporating feedback, and furthering local benefits, we increase the success of our facilities.

Our efforts are informed by:

  • Risk & Opportunity Analysis before beginning work in a community;

  • Community & Cultural Values Statement that outlines our commitments to community engagement and giving;

  • Community Management System that describes the programmatic approach to implementing these commitments across our fleet;

  • Community Relations Plans that are project-specific and document the strategies and actions we take to demonstrate our commitments in every project area; and

  • Community Benefit Programs specific to each facility.

In addition to supporting the communities around our operating facilities, we also engage employees to give back in their communities and to causes important to them. We match donations to causes supported by employees through “Pattern Gives Back,” and we organize volunteer efforts for staff through “Pattern Helps.”



A strong organizational culture is vital to our success and the dynamic market we are a part of. Our goal is to be the best place to work in our industry by 2020. Our labor management practices are aimed at offering competitive benefits that also support the health, wellbeing, and professional development goals of each individual.

Workforce Metric

2017 Statistic

Women in management roles 26%
Women employees 31%
Employee turnover 17%
Employee unionized 0%


Promoting accountability and transparency

We believe strong governance is vital to meeting our growth and sustainability objectives.

Strategic foresight coupled with a sound governance structure provides the platform needed for the accountability and transparency that creates value.

At a bare minimum, our governance and ethics activities are based on the regulatory regimes in the local jurisdictions where we operate. Where local jurisdictions’ regimes are not up to our standards, we embrace those set in other jurisdictions that allow us to apply best-in-class procedures to our operations.

Regular reporting to the Board of Directors and investors describes risks, performance, and goals for scaling clean energy in the marketplace in a manner that emphasizes strong business ethics.

Our Board of Directors follows the procedures and standards set forth in our corporate governance documents.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics »
Corporate Governance Guidelines » 
Audit Committee Charter » 
Conflicts Committee Charter » 
Nominating Governance and Compensation Committee Charter » 

The below metrics demonstrate our commitment to transparency on board composition and diversity, as well as board and executive compensation.

Governance Metric

2017 Statistic

Independent directors 83%
Women board members 33%
Director average age 66
Director meeting attendance 92%
Board size 6
Board age range 56 - 73
Independent director compensation $169,500
Total CEO comp $1.9 M
Top 5 executive average compensation $1.4 M


Learn more about our corporate governance and Board of Directors » 

Moving beyond compliance, we are working towards aligning our ESG practices and disclosures to GRI Standards, as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Equator Principles in order to better meet stakeholder interests and demonstrate industry leadership.



Producing energy in a way that respects the environment

We believe renewable energy sources are fundamental to producing energy in a way that respects the integrity of our environment.

We track the carbon dioxide emissions avoided and water conserved by the clean energy we generate at each facility compared to coal-fired generation. Compared to the average carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption of U.S. coal-fired generation, the amount of renewable energy generation that we operate:

water-icon2.pngConserves nearly 7 billion gallons of water each year – enough to meet the needs of more than 200,000 people.

car-icon 3-a.pngAvoids the emissions of more than 12 million metric tons of CO2 every year – equal to taking 2.6 million cars off the roads.

Our portfolio and offset metrics »

We consider it our responsibility to produce and transport clean, renewable energy to consumers with the least amount of natural impact. Our objective is to be a leader in the advancement of best practices for the identification, assessment, and mitigation of our environmental impacts.

Whether it’s replanting local vegetation or protecting endangered species, we care about making a positive impact in the communities we’re a part of.

Our commitment to the Big Horn Sheep »
Our commitment to the Carrizo Marsh »


AWWI 10th Anniversary Documentary

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