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Welcome to Pattern Energy's Vendor Portal

Here you can find forms and information you need:    
    *To make changes to existing vendor profile
    *Check status of invoices and payments
    *Request for statement reconciliation
For existing vendors:

  • To make changes to existing vendor profile such as Name, Address, Contact information or other updates, click HERE
  • For Bank information changes only, click HERE
  • For W-8/W-9 information changes only, click HERE
  • For new Company name & new Tax ID changes, you will need to complete new forms. Please send request HERE

Invoice Inquiries:

  • To look up Invoice/Payment status & request statement reconciliation, click HERE

Invoicing Instructions:

Dear Vendor,
Pattern Energy Group LP and its affiliates have a centralized receiving and processing system for all invoices.  It is important that all the steps numerated below be followed to ensure prompt processing.  Payment delays will occur if these guidelines are not followed.

1) All invoices must be addressed to the correct legal entity for which you are providing services and a clear description of the project for which you are billing.

  • The type of work performed must be included on each invoice (e.g. material number, description of the Products and/or Services, quantities, unit price, freight charges, and totals) and project descriptions such as “miscellaneous” or “various” are not acceptable.  Please contact the person who engaged your services if you are unsure what description must be used.
  • Seller is responsible for any and all taxes and import duties unless Buyer has expressly assumed in writing the obligation to pay such costs. Seller will issue an invoice within ten (10) days following the end of the month in which the Products or Services are delivered.

    2) Buyer shall have no liability for payment of any invoices which are not issued within the foregoing time requirement.  Each invoice will be due and payable forty-five (45) days following its receipt by Buyer or required by agreement.

    3) Please submit only one invoice per project (i.e., do not bill for more than one project and/or one Purchase Order (PO) per invoice).

    4) Invoice must be assigned with a unique invoice number. PO Number and dates of service must be clearly specified on the invoice. If you don’t know your PO Number, please request a copy from your Pattern contact before submitting invoice. For payment please submit all invoices in PDF format via email:
    For US and Mexico invoices, Email Us
    For US Terms and Conditions, Click Here
    For Canadian invoices, Email Us
    For Canadian Terms and Conditions, Click Here

  • The inboxes for invoice submissions are not monitored for inquiries. Inquiries should be sent directly to Accounts Payable. Click Here to email.
  • Invoices can also be mailed to:

    [Name of Company and/or Related Project Entity]
    c/o Pattern Energy Group LP  
    Attention: Accounts Payable  
    1088 Sansome St.
    San Francisco, CA 94111


    Thank you in advance for assistance in ensuring the efficiency of our payment procedures.  For questions regarding payment of your bills, please contact Accounts Payable Click Here, or call +1 (415) 283-4000.

    For any questions or guidance, please contact us HERE. (Please note this is for existing vendor use only. We do not review or respond to solicitations or new vendor enquiries submitted to this email).