Our Commitments

Active stewards of the environment


Pattern Energy Group is committed to protecting the environment and this commitment plays a fundamental role in achieving our business objectives. As a renewable wind energy and transmission company, we naturally serve as active stewards of the environment. We believe that renewable energy sources are fundamental to producing energy in a way that respects the integrity of our environment. We consider it our responsibility to produce and transport clean, renewable energy to consumers with the least amount of natural impact. We recognize that our business has potential environmental impacts that are both positive and negative. Our objective is to exceed industry standards and be a leader in the advancement of best practices for the identification, assessment, and mitigation of our environmental impacts. To this end, Pattern strives to:

  • Identify and assess potential environmental impacts at all stages of the life cycle of our projects, incorporate them in our decision making, and explore creative mitigations to minimize any adverse impacts.
  • Comply with all environmental laws and regulations. Where there are limited regulations, we apply our own more stringent standards.
  • Engage relevant stakeholders, including community representatives and national resource agencies, during the planning of our projects.
  • Site and design our projects in such a manner as to respect wildlife and their habitat.
  • Construct and operate our projects using best practices to prevent pollution and conserve our natural resources.
  • Work to continually improve our overall environmental performance and ensure we are stewards of the environment.

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