Our Commitments

Community and Culture



Pattern Energy Group considers that we and our projects are part of the local communities where our projects are located. We understand that our projects have positive and negative impacts and we are committed to respecting and contributing to the communities that host them. We believe that acting as a good neighbor and as part of the community will result in benefits for both the communities where we operate and for the long-term success of our projects. We intend to be involved in community outreach and giving throughout the life of our projects. To this end, Pattern strives to:

  • Identify and assess potential community and cultural impacts of our projects and incorporate cost-effective mitigations into our planning and decision making.
  • Build local relationships and explore options to avoid, minimize and mitigate unfavorable project impacts and to further positive impacts.
  • Proactively engage stakeholders during the planning, construction and operations of our projects, respecting and considering all points of view.
  • Work to continually improve our overall performance, incorporating community feedback into our outreach programs and activities.
  • Help build strong and vibrant communities in our project areas through sponsorships and donations. Contributions may support capital, operating or special one-time costs for facilities, programs and events, and meet at least one of the following objectives:

Advance community initiatives,
Enhance ecological preservation, restoration or education,
Foster individual or community health and wellness,
Produce local or regional economic benefits,
Promote the needs of youth development through education or recreation,
Support initiatives of local indigenous populations, emphasizing cultural awareness, the environment, health and wellness, or youth and education.


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