Our Business

As an integrated, independent power producer, our capabilities span the key functional areas required for efficient operations and continued growth.

Operations and Maintenance
Our operations team's objective is to maximize revenues from each of our facilities rather than solely focus on time availability of our equipment. In order for us to maximize our revenues, we strive to operate and maintain our equipment such that our equipment is productive during times of optimal wind resources and power prices. The group's day-to-day activities center on:

  • Safety
  • Equipment reliability and fleet management
  • Long-term service and maintenance
  • Regular inspections
  • Staff training
  • Value-added capabilities
  • Structural efficiencies
  • Equipment improvements
  • 24/7 monitoring and site management

Commercial Management
Our commercial management team is tasked with protecting the long-term value of our facilities' commercial arrangements. The role of the commercial management group is to oversee contract management, environmental management, community relations, power marketing and finance and to closely monitor the performance of each facility from an owner's point of view in order to maximize financial performance and minimize risk.

Engineering and Construction
The key leadership in our engineering and construction group resides within our company and provides us the capability to evaluate a project's design and construction process. Our engineering and construction team is comprised of highly experienced project and construction managers and includes professionals who have supervised the design, construction and completion of 25 wind power projects over the last ten years.

Our management team has successfully financed and managed more than $12 billion of infrastructure assets, including over 4,500 MW of wind power.

We are organized in a manner that will allow us to independently and comprehensively evaluate investments in new projects and existing facilities.

As a major part of our growth strategy, we will seek to acquire projects and facilities that would contribute measurable amounts to our key financial metrics. Our approach to selection is focused on projects and facilities with strong economics that will support our long-term financial goals, that are strategically compatible with our business and that meet our core values.

To achieve proper investment management, we have implemented processes to ensure rigorous analysis and proper internal approval controls. We view projects and facilities as long-term partnerships with all the stakeholders and the communities where our projects and facilities are located.