St. Joseph Wind

St. Joseph Wind map

Location St. Joseph, Manitoba
Power Purchaser Manitoba Hydro
Turbine Manufacturer Siemens
Turbine Size 2.3 MW
Number of Turbines 60
Project Capacity 138 MW
Revenue PPA
Contract Tenor 2039
Commercial Operation Q2 2011

St. Joseph is a 138 MW project located near St. Joseph, Manitoba, just north of the U.S. border. The project consists of 60 2.3 MW Siemens turbines and commenced commercial operations in April 2011 connecting to the Manitoba Hydro transmission system.

St. Joseph was the second commercial wind power project in Manitoba and is still the largest in the province. 100% of the St. Joseph's electricity generation and environmental attributes is sold to Manitoba Hydro under a long-term power purchase agreement.

The project is located on agricultural land around the communities of Morris, Manitoba, and St. Joseph, Manitoba. The project is constructed on approximately 125 square kilometers owned by 64 private landowners under long-term leases.