Panhandle Wind 1 map

Location Carson County, Texas
Power Purchaser An affiliate of Citibank
Turbine Manufacturer General Electric
Turbine Size 1.85 MW
Number of Turbines 118
Project Capacity 218 MW
Revenue Hedge
Contract Tenor 13 years
Commercial Operation Q2 2014

Panhandle Wind 1 is a 218 MW facility located in the Texas Panhandle in Carson County, Texas. The facility consists of 118 General Electric 1.85 MW turbines and commenced commercial operations in July 2014. Pattern Energy acquired an ownership interest of 172 MW in Panhandle 1 from Pattern Development, following its commencement of commercial operations.

Approximately 77% of the expected output of Panhandle 1 is contracted under a 13-year energy price hedge, with an A-/Baa2 credit-rated affiliate of Citibank, with the balance sold at ERCOT's spot market prices. Panhandle 1 utilizes Texas' new Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ) transmission infrastructure, which connects to the state's main power grid operator, Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

The Panhandle Wind 1 project is located on approximately 52 distinct land parcels and has entered into long-term lease agreements with the landowners.