Gulf Wind

Gulf Wind map

Location Armstrong, Texas
Turbine Manufacturer Mitsubishi
Turbine Size 2.4 MW
Number of Turbines 118
Project Capacity 283.2 MW
Revenue Hedge
Contract Tenor 2019
Commerical Operation Q3 2009

Gulf Wind is a 283 MW project strategically located on the Gulf Coast in Kenedy County, Texas, where favorable wind conditions allow the project to maximize energy production during times of peak demand on the Gulf Coast. The project consists of 118 2.4 MW Mitsubishi MWT95/2.4 turbines and commenced commercial operations in 2009. Pattern owns 100% of Gulf Wind.

Gulf Wind is located in the South Zone of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) market and sells 100% of its power output into the ERCOT market, receiving the locational marginal price. Approximately 58% of the project's expected annual electricity generation has been hedged under a 10-year fixed-for-floating swap.

The project is connected to the Electric Transmission Texas 345 kV transmission system and is located on approximately 9,600 acres in Kenedy County, TX and is entirely on land leased from a single private landowner under a long-term lease arrangement.