We place great importance on being an active part of the local communities in which we operate. We work proactively with local leaders, environmental organizations, and entities to identify and address their concerns, as well as expand the benefits from our facilities. We recognize the impact our facilities have on the local environment and our goal is to be a contributing member of the community.

Our facilities benefit communities through increased tax revenue, job creation and other contributions. Our facilities create new jobs and we strongly encourage our contractors to hire qualified local subcontractors whenever possible.

Our presence also brings significant indirect economic benefits to the community through increased revenues for service industries and the purchase of goods and services during construction and operation.

Landowner participation and support is integral to any project we undertake. We understand the trust that has been placed in us, and we are committed to the good stewardship of the land throughout the duration of the project. Once a facility is operational, our contracts provide landowners with a steady revenue stream. As a result, wind power generation can increase the economic return of the land, without sacrificing the regular use of that land.


Habitat Hammers Back in Houston, TX

With a little under a quarter of all U.S. wind workers based in Texas, Hurricane Harvey hit very close to home for the entire wind energy community. The devastation left by Harvey brought our wind community together uniting 17 AWEA committed companies across the country to rebuild. On October 17th Pattern employees volunteered with Habitat Hammers Back to rebuild homes in Houston. From painting to door-hanging, our Pattern team showed how much of an impact we can truly make. We would like to give a big shout out to those who dedicated their time to give back to the community. 

“A key foundation of our wind energy business is integrating into the communities where we work and have facilities. In times of disaster, this spirit is more important than ever, and Pattern has mobilized to help our employees as well as our broader communities. This partnership with other Texas wind energy companies is one of the key initiatives in our Pattern Gives Back campaign, and involves contributing our part of a $1,000,000 industry commitment to Habitat for Humanity’s hurricane recovery program. Our employees also welcomed the opportunity to come together with colleagues from across our industry to volunteer their time and skills to directly work on rehabilitating flooded homes in the Houston area”.
-Chris Shugart

 #HabitatHammersBack is Habitat for Humanity's program dedicated to long-term recovery and rebuilding from the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, Maria, and Irma. Learn more or support the effort