Our values define and guide us in everything we do. They inspire our vision for the future and are fundamental to our success.

Critical and Creative Thinking
We aspire to create and maintain a safe, high-integrity, exciting work environment for our employees. We make sound business decisions that are driven by detailed and rigorous analysis prepared with technical expertise. We encourage intense collaboration among our various experts, which leads to new ideas and creative problem-solving. By applying our people's best insights, we produce measurable results.

We believe that close working relationships with our various stakeholders, including suppliers, power sales agreement counterparties, regulators, local communities and environmental organizations, and with Pattern Development and other developers enable us to best support our existing facilities and will help us access attractive, construction-ready projects. For example, by working closely with the regulatory agencies and the community, we believe that we create an environment within which if problems are identified we can work constructively and efficiently to resolve the problems and minimize the impact to our operations.

Pattern Energy is committed to protecting the environment. As a renewable energy company, we naturally serve as active stewards of the environment. We consider it our responsibility to produce clean, renewable energy to consumers with minimal impact.

The growing concern over the environmental consequences of greenhouse gas emissions has contributed to the growth of wind power generation. According to the World Meteorological Organization, 2011 ranks as the tenth warmest year on record, and the thirteen warmest years have all occurred in the fifteen years between 1997 and 2011. As one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in the world, the United States has experienced growing awareness of climate change and other effects of greenhouse gas emissions, which has resulted in increased demand for emissions-free electricity generation. As an emissions-free electricity source, wind power is an attractive alternative that is capable of addressing these growing environmental concerns.